Fun Facts

There are some fun facts about me that are well known to the people in my life, but that you might find interesting. Here are a few:

  • I have dyed my hair just about every naturally occurring color out there.
  • I joined the navy because I got tired of college, where I was mildly unsuccessful at maintaining a consistent GPA. At language school through the military, I graduated summa cum laude. Who would have thought?
  • I am fluent in Persian.
  • I informed my husband only three weeks into our relationship that I would be marrying him. Good thing I was right!
  • I love to dance. And I love to try to force people to dance with me.
  • I love to sing. Karaoke has been a staple in my life since college. I intend to keep it that way.
  • When I got to college, I started to go by my middle name.
  • I played on four different soccer teams growing up, including an Olympic development team. I really loved to play, and thought I might try to go pro until I got hurt in college.
  • I started playing flute in second grade, even though they told me my arms were too short.
  • I love to dress up, and I love having an excuse to wear formal gowns. I even had a second, grandiose wedding ceremony, and the parts that photographed best were the dress and the flowers. (And my dashing husband.)
  • My husband calls me on his way home from work without fail every time he leaves. It never ceases to warm my heart.

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