Monday Musings – Rebranding Edition

Yes, I have hit everyone hard with the rebranding. I'm sorry, for those of you who have already seen it/ made the switch. Thank you for your patience! This week I am going to be working on getting the last of the rebranding finished. I'm so close I can taste it. Just have a few … Continue reading Monday Musings – Rebranding Edition

Sunday Update and Test Post

This is a quick update to test that my new website is appropriately posting to all my social media. It has been posted on both websites, one of which has been disabled via social media. So far, the only thing I have yet to hear back from to switch over is from Amazon for my … Continue reading Sunday Update and Test Post

New Pen Name

Quick update to everyone, something I will be reposting 2-3 times per week for at least a month. I am CHANGING MY AUTHOR PEN NAME!  I will be rebranding myself due to some extensive googling and finding my current pen name, my actual name, and most pen name options related to my name as it … Continue reading New Pen Name


If you follow me at all, do me a favor. In your browser, open a new tab, and google "K. E. Lane". Have a look at what comes up. I am not a lesbian romance novelist from Colorado, and though I haven't published any books yet, I don't know that I want my name forever associated … Continue reading Rebranding

Monday Musings – 4th of July Edition

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and I will be spending it with family. Not my husband, which sucks, but the rest of my family. (Allow me to clarify that I am sad my husband cannot also be there, but happy to see my family, before someone takes my statement and runs with it in … Continue reading Monday Musings – 4th of July Edition

Monday Musings – Birthday Edition

It's actually Sunday as I write this, but today is my birthday, and I refuse to do anything. I take my birthday as a holiday (when I can). There are some people who don't like to celebrate their birthday. Not me. I can grudgingly admit that I absolutely love the spotlight and having people pay … Continue reading Monday Musings – Birthday Edition

Monday Musings – The Burnt Out Edition

We had quite an eventful weekend at the Lane household - lots of activities jam-packed between Thursday and Sunday. We had a baseball game with his co-workers Thursday, a work dinner for my husband Friday, and an end of the year party for his work as well on Saturday. Of course yesterday was Father's Day, … Continue reading Monday Musings – The Burnt Out Edition

Monday Musings

It's Monday again, and while last week was fairly productive for my #F3 piece, it was not productive for virtually anything else. My husband is getting ready to return to a longer work schedule, and we have been full speed on making changes around our house. Once he goes back to his normal work days, … Continue reading Monday Musings

The Scarlet Letter – The Marriage Version

I know that my typical M.O. is to write about writing struggles. But today I’m going to write a little bit about life struggles. Marriage is an overarching theme in my life right now, since my husband and I are planning the convalidation ceremony for our marriage. A.K.A. we are having a giant church ceremony … Continue reading The Scarlet Letter – The Marriage Version

The Incomplete Tales and Tragedies of College Student Life

Some of you may not know this, but I am currently in college. I am finishing up my undergraduate degree in the hopes of starting my master’s degree this September – my chances are looking pretty good. I have noticed something, though, about current college life. See, when I first started attending college in 2007 (No … Continue reading The Incomplete Tales and Tragedies of College Student Life